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January 11, 2008

TV Show about African American Life in Arizona? Would You Tune In?

NFL Sunday Ticket-Now included at no extra chargeAs the creator of, I've been privileged to learn about NUMEROUS African American organizations and individuals who are really trying to make a difference here in Arizona!

I always wonder about the black people who say that there's nothing goin' on in Phoenix! I want to ask them, "Are you living in a cave?!!"

Many of the forums that have been held over the years have highlighted a number of issues that are affecting our community and showed me that that there are hundreds, if not thousands of black people here who want to make Arizona a better place to live!

With the momentum that I'm seeing for black people in Arizona, I think it's time for us to develop and host a television show on African American culture and progress in Phoenix!

For reasons unknown to me, a large portion of African Americans aren't interested in reading Black newspapers and Websites to find out what's going on in our community!


Maybe it takes too much time to read them? Maybe people don't know how to access these publications and Websites? Maybe people don't even know they exist? Maybe we're intimidated by the Internet and technology? Who knows ...

But there is ONE medium that can reach everyone!

TELEVISION!! Everybody watches TV!

I'd love to see a weekly 30-minute program that informs people about what's goin' on from an African American perspective in the Phoenix metro area! We've had these shows in the past (in fact I was a guest on one of these shows when I was a kid), but of course the TV programs fizzled out due to lack of support.

If we had an ENTERTAINING, INFORMATIVE local television show that made black people aware of our efforts, success stories, businesses, entertainment venues, community events and organizations, celebrities, pioneers, nightlife and planned projects, I think African Americans would tune in! I think black people are craving a convenient place to SEE information about our community and television is it!

Maybe I'm being foolish for not keeping this idea to myself - I could do the research, then I could be the host and make some serious change! I've been on television numerous times and really enjoy being in front of the camera.

However, I'm not really connected to local TV network industry anymore so I don't know how to put the wheels in motion for this idea. I don't mind proposing this idea to the public because I'm sure that we have somebody who works in the local media industry who can make this happen quickly!

We'd have to find a local channel and staff willing to support this effort, VIBRANT, ATTRACTIVE and INTERESTING hosts (male and female) and local corporations who would be excited about advertising on the show! The local channel would probably need to air each television show several times per week (repeats) to make sure that it gets exposed to a wider audience.

I'm curious peoples, what do you think about this idea? Is it something that could work here? Do we already have a similar television or radio program that I haven't heard about?

Please submit your Comments today!!! Deal of the Day!


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I moved here in 2005 and would love a TV show on this population of culture. Also, did not know that, "", existed.I just so happen to stumbled across this site through, "The Arizona Informant". So I believe that there should be a wide avenue of this trail on the forefront. I will support, "PhxSoul".

Thank you for allowing me to post a comment on your site.


Being a St. Louis native radio stations are loved there. And being in AZ for six years I could'n even tell you the name of a radio station in AZ. Even in the clubs all the music sounds the same. Can use better DJs all around.

I am, and I'd be interested in African and African American information, and get together's, cultural events in the Az area, at anytime.

I have visited Phoenix for the last three years. I am moving there, to be near family, in July. Moving from Detroit, to Nashville was a culture shock, but moving to Phoenix without an African American focused radio or TV program could be another culture shock. I think radio is a great idea, because you reach busy people on the go as well as those who have the time to relax at home. Sometimes busy folks just can't sit in front of the TV, at the same time,and same place every week. I would also like to see some of the syndicated radio host there, like, Tom Joyner or Michael Baisden. If I am not mistaken they are not on the air there. Those shows provide current National news that is not broadcasted in the mainstream media. And they inform us of events in the African American community as well as entertainment.

I think that this can be huge for African American families residing in Arizona. As for funding and general support from the community I’m sure that we can gather some resources. It’s sad to hear that what little we do have to support our black communities (youth centers, radio stations, etc.) struggle to maintain, some of which have since closed down due to lack of financial resources. I think that there are many great ideas posted here. Lets come together to make this happen and ensure that it does not fall due to lack of financial support or support in general.

I support your idea completely. My wife and I just recently moved from Washington, DC and we continue to search the area for opportunities to network and to support community activities. TV is on venue to bring folks together and to deliver information.
Ben Montgomery

When I moved here in 1996, there was a radio show and station that reflected the pulse of the Black community, unfortunatly they both were unable to maintain; I was crushed to see them go. However, if a new station via TV or Radio emerged, I am sure that our organization; Arizona Association of Real Estate Brokers would support it. We need a VOICE in the Valley of the Sun we are too talented to remain silent.
Cynthia Smitherman, VP AAREB

I think this is a great idea.. our business would love to contribute

We have a show on our network in Pre Production "BlAZN" black az news etc. Your ideas sounds great , now if people were to become financially involved I would Air & Shop the Pilot on our Network of IPTV, Net TV, PDA/Pod Cast & Live Cell Phone TV. Giving it an instant audience The Net is the future happening now Check The Family Channel for instance. Good luck with it all my people.



sounds like a great idea! may i make a few suggestions? first, let's do it the right way. let's produce this ourselves. that means building the show-from the ground up-ourselves. buying studio time, writing the show, booking the guest on the local and national level and make this into something that would be something you'd want to watch. yes, it's gonna be expensive-most great things are-but with the black inferstructure that is abundant throughout az and the southwest we can do this easily. As you can see, I'm not talking about a "free" show. I'm talking about a black production that everyone actually gets paid. Far too many of our creative endeavors (Essense, Black Enterprise, and the like) too often pay next to nothing in compared to the "white" media. I will be moving back to Phoenix withing the next 8 months and would love to talk to you further about producing (and funding)a venture such as this. feel free to contact me at the email I supplied...t'chan

I think it would also be a good idea to include the opinions of young people of a programme concept since they’re the ones that drive trends and are big consumers or post it on you tube to see what the response would be like

I agree. We need a television outlet do to the fact that African/African-Americans are not represented the way we should be in local news. There are so many activities that great organizations put on that go to waist because advertising to the Black masses is limited. For instance, my organization has cultural workshops and women networking opportunities that go to waist all the time. If we had coverage I believe things would progress.

Hope to see all of you JULY 26TH, 2008 at FREEDOMPEOPLE'S Magazine First Annual Talent Show. It will show all of AZ on TV as MTV will be there!! Peace, Peace Ya! More Info:

I agree this is a VEEEERY GOOD idea...I am interested me !!!

HI! I was glad to see efforts being made to better engage the African-American Community in Phoenix. I recently moved here from Flint, Michigan and have been somewhat subdued in seeking African American social groups because they're not as accessable as I imagine they would be in such a large city. Now that I've settled into my career here in the Valley, its time to get busy! A television show would be a wonderful way to expose and shed light on all opportunities to get involved! Please inform me on how to support this idea as well as any other endeavors to enrich the African-American culture in the Greater Phoenix are.

Hello, I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio now residing in Atlanta. I've lived in Houston, TX. and now thinking of moving back to Houston or to Phoenix. I'm a african American single-mom and I'm tired of lifestyle here in Atlanta. It's all about a party here and the cost of living is too high. I'm 36 and have a 10 yr old son. I'm looking for very good school systems (that is priority) I'm an entrepreneur so I can take my work anywhere. Do you have any advice or recommendations? Thanks so very much

That is a great idea! Count me in for support. And if there is anyway possible, I would love to be VERY involved with this.

I think that would be an outstanding idea. I'd fully support it and would want to be intimately involved in making it happen.

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