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January 07, 2008

Hair Salons for African American Women in the Phoenix Area

Find Great Care Providers!I know how hard it is women for black women to find hair salons here in the Valley of the Sun. is tryin' to come to your rescue with a list of hair salons that cater to African Americans.

Of course, there are probably dozens more!

If you'd like to see your favorite hair salon added to, you can list your information in our Online Business Directory.

Rare Essence Studio
5540 W Glendale, Suite A-105
Glendale, AZ 85301

My Beauty Lounge
Glendale, AZ
(623) 223-2107

Una Bella Creations Salon
930 E. Warner Rd, Suite #29
Chandler, Az 85225

Hair Care by Kemi
930 E. Warner Rd. #28
Chandler AZ 85225

Esquire Unisex Salon
1153 E. Jefferson St
Phoenix, AZ

Salon Sosa
6834 S. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85042
602.266.9208 or 602.750.5971

Melinda's Style Boutique Hair & Barber Salon
2640 W. Baseline Road, Suite 105
Phoenix, AZ 85041
(602) 277-4960

Hair Society Barber and Beauty Salon
220 E. Southern Ave # 5
Phoenix, AZ 85040
(602) 243-7470

Again, encourages you to visit our Online Business Directory to find other black salons and barbershops in the Phoenix area.

Burt's Bees


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Need to find a good hair salon in Casa Grande.
They must know how to keep dry hair moisturized, to apply relaxers and take care if natural hair.

Hi I am new here in Arizona I am in need of a good hair stylist I have problems with my hair. I had a bad perm years ago so I have a lot of hair loss in my front and top could someone please help.I need a perm

Natural Diva. I did a big chop 2 months ago because of the 30 years of damage I have done to my hair. We moved here to AZ from Grand Rapids, MI November 2011. Have not found a reliable person to help me take care of my hair yet. I am looking for a beautician with natural hair care experience, someone who also knows what styles are appropriate for a 43 year young professional woman.

Hello I'm trying to find someone that do good in all kind of weaving, extensions, and braids. I just moved from Michigan to Phoenix a few months ago. Having a hard time finding a good shop or a person house I can go to. Please someone help!! [email protected]

Hi! I am looking for someone to do my daughters hair. She is 4. Looking for braids or other up dos that might last a week or so. We live in the south phoenix area. Looking for a Salon preferably. Please let me know if there is a child friendly referral! Thank you!

Looking for a stylist to maintain relaxed hair. I'm fairly new to this area. My spouse is In the USAF at Luke. Any stylists near that area that use design essentials products please email me if you're looking for new clientele. [email protected]

Im trying to transition to natural hair, where can i get senagalese twists/ braides??? Help my hair is burnt up in AZ
[email protected]

Hello I have been here about 4 years and my hair has taken a beaten in this dry heat. My hair is shedding really bad and I am not sure what conditioner to use to
keep the moisture in it. Please contact me at [email protected] I need help! I don't like Aphogee. Thank you!

I'm with elisa I want to find a black hair shop that will take care of my hair I like to wear braids for the summer but I like to wear my natural hair any other time I moved here from Chicago also

Hi again! I've posted on here before and received great feedback. Still looking though. I probably need to be more specific this time: I'm in search of a professional beautician that is experienced in cutting, curling, coloring, weaving and maintenance of short to medium length hair. I have been living here in Chandler AZ, for almost 1 full year without a steady beautician. I'm orginally from Detroit and recently from Chicago so i'm sure you ladies can understand my struggle :)Please contact me with any info you might have. Thank you in advance. [email protected]

hi, i just moved here to phoenix. i am from chicago home of the hair champs. im afican american, cuban and puerto rican and am looking to go platinum blonde and get a few tracks sewn in the back. any suggestions?

I live in Mesa az I have natural hair would love a sister to braid my hair ASAP email [email protected]

Hello, I live in Surprise and I'm looking for a beautician who can braid hair. I'm transitioning from a perm and looking for someone who does micro braiding.

Hello I live in the on the South of Arizona, but im from St.Louis Mo and get the best of the best hair styles and people who know how to do my hair and me and my mother both have short styled hair cuts and we have been looking for a shop that charge reasonable prices and that can do natural hair. We do not were weave at all we or use to getting our hair done only.

Hello I am Ari I just moved to Phoenix AZ and I must!! have a beautician ASAP I am trying to refresh my hair cut

Hi I just moved to Phoenix (North Phoenix) from Louisiana.... im Black Louisiana Creole and Native American... My hair is IN DESPERATE need of some TLC. Its naturally curly/wavy and i love it curly, or straight. Is there a god hair care specialist near 85022? im willing to drive 15-20 max. SOMEONE SEND ME AN ANGEL! trying to get out of "lack" of culture shock. Not to mention my Daughter who is 5! and her hair is more mixed girl texture. Soft and curly and smooth! we both need deep conditions trims and flat iron..... HELP! SUGGESTIONS

Can anyone tell me where the best shop is at around here? I just moved from Chicago and so far it's not looking too good. I'm used to getting my hair done every two weeks and I've been here for 6 months without a beautician. Please email me with information [email protected] Thank you so much!!

Hi, I just moved to Maricopa,AZ from Philadelphia & I am in need of a hair stylist for me & my 3 daughters. Any suggestions?

I need a black hairstylist that do Brazilians any suggestions?? Loreal Perfection product needed!

Dominican hair stylist on 59th and bell. Would be a drive for u but worth it. I'm from the east coast as well. This Dominican straightens hair like no other.

Hello Everyone I just recently relocated to Gilbert from Detroit MI and Im in search of a good hair braider for my two daughters, Any Suggestions??? Im used to the Best of the Best hairstylist and I havent been able to fnd that here in the East Valley. The salons here Over Charge and they're Not that Good. Does anyone know any Detroiters here that do hair?! Thanks in Advance!

I live in the west valley, and I do black hair. I am 30 yrs in, and am well trained from Los Angeles...[email protected] is a good place to reach me..

New in Phoenix looking for a Dominican hair salon in the Mesa area no one seems to do black hair here really don't want to resort to the old days doing own hair in kitchen can anyone help a transplanted New yorker PLEASE HELP a SISTER IN NEED

i have been looking all over the valler for a hair shop in arizona that does really good sew ins, and am unable to find a good one. if you have any suggestions they are more then welcome. i also need a place to buy remi velvet or bohyme hair at a good price.

I would like to find an African-American beautician highly rated in the TREATMENT of natural black hair. Many can style with all kind of weaving, extensions, perms and the like. I want to work with what I got (if possible). It seemed more possible in New York. Now that i'm out here in the dessert, my dry-by-nature natural hair is taking a horrible beating with this dry, no moisture State. A total brittle pad is what it is. HELP!!! Don't want to resort to chemicals. Don't feel like sewing anything in either. I've heard of the Keratin Treatment but my God!!--over $100.00. What!! If I'm gonna pay a buck or a little over, that will be for braids. I will go as far as getting braids or maybe twists, but outside of that, i would like to rock my OWN hair. I'm all about growing healthy hair, not buying it! Would appreciate a helpful lead.

I'm trying to find a salon that does sew ins with invisible part u know of any really good ones?

Hi Tahjianna,


Grandmart on the northeast corner of 35th Ave & Camelback Ave
BBB Fashions (hair supply is in the back of the store passed the clothes) off of 52nd Ave & Indian School
Mid K off of 16th St & Southern Ave (southwest corner)
United Beauty Supply - SW corner of 35th Ave & Dunlap Ave

.....and if you don't mind going a little further west there's

Mid K Beauty - 67th Ave & Thomas Ave

Hope this helps!

Hi Tahjianna...there's a Grandmart on the corner of 35th Ave & Camelback in the Fresh & Easy parking lot (don't think F&E is open though)...there's also another store located on 27th Ave & Dunlap (next to a Chinese grocery store if you decide to go further North.

Hi, I need a black hair store, I'm in phoenix off of 19th ave and glendale...know of any?? :) -Tahjianna

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