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May 30, 2007

Black People Who Are New to the Phoenix Area Need to Make BIG Adjustments!

LowerMyBills.comI'm glad to see that my blog entry, "Are You an African American Who's Planning to Move to the Phoenix Area? Here's Your Guide ...," has been so popular among my readers! I've received a lot of questions about various neighborhoods in the Valley.

I encourage all of my readers to keep posting Comments and asking Questions on my blog if you are already here or considering a move to the Valley! It's smart to plan ahead!

I met a ton of people from all over the nation who move here and complain about how Phoenix is not like Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Charlotte, etc. Of course it isn't! Arizona is still a young state (less than 100 years old) with a THIN African American legacy. We're still trying to strengthen our roots here ...

In the meantime, I hear peoples' criticisms about the Phoenix area ...

  • We don't have many black cultural events or entertainment venues
  • If you're single and black in Phoenix, you're gonna struggle to find love
  • The black population here is just too small

To those complainers, I say that you need to quit yer bloodclot crying! Phoenix is a great city - you just have to be more aggressive in finding nightclubs, community/cultural events, black organizations, black churches, etc.

I admit that we don't have a popular African American-centered television show or radio program yet.


Instead, you'll find most information about us in the Arizona Informant newspaper, the Arizona Black Pages and

You'll find nightclub and entertainment news on and!

If you're out and about, don't be afraid to ask black people what they know about Phoenix! I've heard many great stories about how people became friends after approaching strangers in public with the same question! I've made great friends the same way!

If you're sitting on the couch, waiting for Phoenix to come to you, you're not gonna like this place.

BUT if you are OPEN-MINDED and you do your homework, you'll find that Phoenix has plenty of exciting things to do and see!


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Fortunately all of my children are adults--yea!! I do have a grandchild that attends Countryside in Surprise. Don't know much about the schools but have heard that the ones in Phoenix aren't that good. There are a lot of charter schools here and schools in strip malls (go figure!). Best of luck!

My husband and I are thinking of relocating to AZ, from MD. We are originally from NJ, and moving to MD was a bit of a cultural shock for us. We looking for a nice family oriented neighborhood(we have 4 kids), good schools, and hoping to meet friendly people.

Just stumpled upon the site ...i hope everyone is well. On 02/12/14 Verizon Wireless here in Pa has decided to move to Chandler PHX...I'm considering moving and just wanted to know how the area is and any important informaiton that I need to know.

I plan on moving to phoenix this summer and I would like to know if I'm making the right decison for me and my children.I don'n want them to be uncomfortable or scared nor tormented in any kindda way. We are moving from a very bad city but there was no racial conflict.

I have lived on 5 continents, and too many places to remember, so meeting new people is not strange or difficult for me. That said, MOST people do want to meet just casually going about their lives, and NOT making some long 20 or 30 minute drive to see a throng of folk. Absent a TV or REAL radio platform to inform and keep us connected, we must use all available platforms that do exist to get in touch and then stay in touch.

Opening up your home or at least inviting people to social events in your area is a good way to meet more people. Making that extra effort to contact different spheres of influence pays off in creating relationships that could lead to real friendship. No, this aint New York or PHILLY, or D.C. or Atlanta or any other high concentration of people of color area, but one must play the hand we are dealt.

Before I return to Cape Town, South Africa, where I have lived the past 4 years or so, perhaps I can introduce a few of the hundreds of people I have met...this a few of the newbies. At least you are not freezing and snowed in....find the good in it. Welcome.

I find this site to be very helpful- I plan to relocate with my family June 2014 and I'm very excited! I did however notice that the black population is very slim but I'm going in with an open mind. I am looking or a great school(grades 5 & 6) Lsc3 -would you recommend the school your children attend?

My husband and I moved to the valley 3 years ago after we retired. I've since returned to work full time. Wish I would've known:
--The salaries are awful. I make here what I made 20 years ago and I have a graduate degree. If I didn't already have a pension, there'd be no way to make it on the salary.
--We live in the NW valley that has fewer of "us" than other valley locations. While we've met other Blacks here, as other's have posted, friendships have not developed.
--The police (Phx and MCSO) are trigger happy.
--I didn't know I didn't like being the only black in a restaurant/event/etc. There have been times when I've wanted to get up and leave.
--There is a serious lack of products for us. I'm not talking about unique items but nylons in colors other than nude or beige, hair products, etc. If I want these things I have to order online or have family send them from home.
--It's not diverse enough for me (people and cuisine)--unless you like just mexican, pizza, or chain restaurant foods.
--The weather is great from Oct-Apr but expect $400-500+ APS bills the other months!!
If all these are ok with you, make the move!! Wish I'd known more or I would've moved elsewhere.

My family and I moved to Arizona about nine months ago because I accepted a position in the Glendale area. I must admit that this has been a little bit of a "cultural shock" for us. We find that the Arizona is not as diverse as we'd like it to be. However, these sites are helpful as they provide a way to remain informed about opportunities to network and socialize with "our people". While we have met a few people since we've been here, no real friendships have materialized. The dynamics of how we interact with one another is interesting and something that I am not used to. It almost feels like "we" are ultra reserved, cautious, or down right uninterested in connecting with each other. I'm always excited when I see "my people"; especially in this area because they are so sparse. I just typically get the feeling that "we" just are not interested in talking or speaking to one another.. Very interesting dynamic!!

My family and I moved here from New Orleans just a little over three months ago in that time span we have both accrued full time jobs as well as a place to stay. My girls 10@6 are in a very good public school my wife loves it here we are both happy in our decision to move here though we miss home and the great food and all its splendors we have made Phoenix our home. We haven't met many black people here and would love to feel that unity only we as African Americans can exploit and I'm extremely interested in finding a Black church for my family and I to attend. Great Site really looking forward to the feed back............

My wife and I are planning to relocate to the valley within the month of April of 2014. We will be visiting the valley in December for a few days. I used to live in Laveen, AZ for a couple years (2006-2008). I moved to Houston for a job, but wanted to move back since leaving the valley. My wife of six months has lived in Houston all her life and is ready for a change. She and her sisters have their sister’s getaway once a year in Scottsdale or Vegas, and she has fallen in love with the valley. I know a lot has changed since I last been in the valley, so I need some suggestions when it comes to apartments in the Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler areas. We are planning to bring my two young son’s (6 & 8), so good schools, parks and diversity are a must. We are looking for a 2-3 bedroom, 2-3 bath, $950 (max rent). Thank you in advance!

For those of you moving here to Phoenix need to note that there are black people here. There were black people here in the ancient times. So explore, drink plenty of water, make money, live your life and watch your life slow in a positive matter. And besides some of the negatives here, there is something very spiritual here. Feel free to hit me up with any questions.

I have to be honest I'm really thinking about moving back to Dallas which is my home. I don't think the problem is US but them. There is a tight grip on who people do business with here and unless I'm not looking in the right place I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I moved with hopes of moving my black owned business to Phoenix. I am going to continue to try and push our family business here as it is pretty strong in Texas and I took the chance to venture out to see if I could make some waves here however to no avail. I will head to a networking event by the Black Chamber it's the first I have heard and that helps but the diversity managers for major companies need to be in attendance if we want this to grow and work.

i moved here in feb 2011, from chicago and from the time i got off the plane until now i have been in love with phoenix it will be 1yr feb 22nd.we have found that all blacks have been super friendly to us, they always speak, we have not experienced any of the racism nor rudeness that some of the members have. we are empty nesters now in our early-middle 40's and we are truly having a ball, i found a bad ass hairdresser from detroit, and right now i live in south mountain(central & baseline)and i am looking for a different place this was truly a jump off spot and im glad i moved there it gave us a chance to explore where we wanted to live, phoenix is truly what u make it and u do have to have a made up mind to do it baby

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and cannot wait to move to Phoenix love the area vacation there evry yr! Looking to move to Phx in late 2013 or early 2014.

Cassandra, you should contact the Greater Phoenix Urban League -

I am an African American woman and I am considering moving to Phoenix AZ, I currently live in Roseville Minnesota, I have been here for about 18 years, I am tired of the snow, I am orginally from the Westside of Chicago. I currently have a section 8 voucher and was wondering, how are the homes there far as for people who have a voucher, I have 3 boys 16, 8 and 6, so I am looking to go into a neighborhood that has a nice school district, Can someone give me the 411? Thanks in Advance, Cassandra, I am looking to move in July 2012.

I have made the decision and will be relocating to Phoenix from Charlotte,NC at the end of August '11. I have visited Phoenix several times (4) in '10 and enjoyed every minute of it,knowing that I have not even begun to scratch the surface. I have an open mind and get along with everyone. The things that attract me to a city Phoenix has, professional sport teams, nightlife and dining, culture/scenic views and many days of great weather. yeah the heat dont bother me...I've lived in NY, SC, MA, GA, NC and now looking forward to the AZ..

I am planning to relocate to Phoenix when my son graduate from high school in 2013. I believe Phoenix will allow you to explore opportunities that are rare in other cities. I was born and raised in St. Louis,MO and moved to Houston,TX in 1999. The prejudice is still prevalent till this day. The hatred is very visible, especially in the job market. Texas has the most rudiest and negative people from both races whites and blacks. The state of Texas nor the southern states are the places for blacks who want to excel in life.

I have made the decision to relocate to the Phx area, company consolidation, and I must say most of what I'm reading is the same talk I'm hearing in NC,amazing! I believe somethings in life may be out of my control. For that I may have to make myself a party of one. So I will bring an open mind and hope for the best. My mother always told me I should be able to get along with anyone if I treat them with respect as I would want to be treated. Someone recommended this site to me to get an idea AZ. Helpful.

My family is moving to Phoenix from Las Vegas and I think that Phoenix offers many more cultural things to do than Vegas so we are excited. Professional sports teams, museums, a pac 10 university and a great zoo. The salries are similar too and coupled with the cheap real estate prices we are thinking positive thoughts. My sorority has a chapter in the city and I have kids to educate, between the two, I think we'll be busy.


wow! i dont know where u have been in phoenix but when i moved out there n 07 just about every black person i came across spoke. blacks seem to b very hapy when they cross paths with other AA besides in church. i left and came back to chicago in 08 but here it is the end of 2010 and ill be moving back in jan 2011.CANT WAIT!......i came back to cjicalgo thinkin i was missing something but im a few years older and wiser so i know this time around i will make it work. Phoenix is indeed what u make it. i wish everybody the best with their relocating :-) the way theres all type of clubs in phoenix based on the the city that your from

"If you're out and about, don't be afraid to ask black people what they know about Phoenix!"

Why not just say..don't be afraid to ask people what they know about Phoenix??? When you single others out, you are perpetuating can you say you're not???

I didn't say you were racist...I was pointing out that some of these opinions were from those crying racism and at the same time talking about how there aren't enough "black" things to do, black people, NICE black about just things to do and people in general...the problem is those that feel the need to separate what is "black" in Phoenix from the rest of Phoenix

Until you and everyone else starts talking about people as a whole...where is the best area to live, where are the best places to go, etc, THEN the world can come together long as you and others stick the word black in the description, you are perpetuation segregation...what are you (and some of the people posting) not understanding about this!??! It is so obvious

No question racism as a whole still exists, and exists strong but this isn't helping..neither is complaining about all the interracial relationships in people point this all out way more than white people me when I say I know this...

TR, you are entitled to your opinion even if you are WAY, WAY off-base. My goal was to provide ADVICE to people who are moving from other parts of the country and want to live near black people. As I explained in my article titled, "Are You an African American Who's Planning to Move to the Phoenix Area? Here's Your Guide," I receive at least 5 questions per month from people who just want to know what areas are best for their needs and families. I don't tell people that they have to live around black people, I am simply providing ADVICE for those who want to connect with the black community. How in the world is that RACISM? shaking my head

I don't understand why some people on here complain of racism when the very nature of this article promotes separation and talks about where BLACK people should go and avoid instead of where PEOPLE should go and are just perpetuating what you complain about...and none of you even remotely get this FACT...(shaking my head...)

I'm in the process of relocating to Phoenix, AZ. I currently live in North Carolina. Would love to relocate to the area by the end of 2011....thats the goal... I have visited several times and really enjoyed what I saw as far as lifestyle, affordability. I do realize that the AA population is sparce...but Im fine with that.....At 39 years old..i know who I am...ya feel me.. But anyway..just looking for perspectives on everyday life for a AA in the Phoenix vicinity.....Please feel free to weigh in...would love to hear from you.
Just wondering if transplants to the area over the past 5 years or so would do it again. Give me your thoughts on how you gained or maybe lost on the decision you made back then.

Arizona is racist. Blacks don't even speak to each other. If you go to scottsdale in a nice automobile, they will look at you like a black person does not deserve a decent car. If I had it to do again, I would have opted for California.

Posted by: Andrea | February 24, 2010 at 17:33
As a follow up to this comment...I am very interested in your take of the Phoenix area/lifestyle compared to Charlotte, NC..Is it someplace that you would consider making home....Also interested in know what you thought of Charlotte, NC....which is my hometown..Did you have culture shock?

I agree with the author as well. We moved from Washington DC, Chicago etc. for a reason. Since this state is fairly new,we can help to build
this state and give it some Afro American history. I am still adjusting but I am keeping an open mind. I moved her from Washington DC.


Hey Andrea, I like your positive attitude. Most people who move here are usually upbeat and positive when they first move to Phoenix until the summer comes and it's 116 degrees everyday. I've been here for 5 years and I wouldn't recommend it for black people thinking about moving here. The jobs pay much less, it's extremely hot in the summers(+100), not to mention the vicious racism and not last but least the blacks here really hate each other. I never been in a city where blacks are so rude to each other, they don't even speak. So good luck on your Phoenix experiment. I would be interesting to find out what your experiences are 6 months from now.

I agree with the author, you have to make the effort. I just recently moved to Phoenix, actually this past Sunday and before I got here I signed up for several meetups and have been an avid reader of and became a fan on FB to follow all the happenings, so now I have to be active and attend some of these functions. I came out to visit family last October and loved the place, made up my mind I would be living in Phoenix in 2010 and by the grace of God found a position and here I am, a new transplant. When I moved to Charlotte, I did the same thing, joined some meetups and met great people.

I'd recommend central Phoenix (find a place east of Central Avenue) - you'll be near the Biltmore area, downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale which has nightlife and entertainment. All new, young professionals should start out in central Phoenix THEN branch out to the suburbs after they get married and start a family. Good luck!

I've been looking around this site and others and I have somewhat of an idea of where I would like to move in Phoenix. I would also enjoy any of your opinions as well.

I am 24 year old professional that will be relocating with in the next 6 months. I would like to move into an area pretty close to nightlife and entertainment. I am not looking to purchase because the chance of me relocating within the next 3 years is pretty high.

Any suggestions? I'm finished with school so no college areas please.

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